Man Catches His Wife In Bed With His Younger Brother

Man Catches His Wife In Bed With His Younger Brother ••

There was drama last Tuesday after a Kenyan man unexpectedly arrived home only to find his wife fondling his younger brother in bed.

According to a report by SDE, the man, a mason, from Koita village, Kiplabotwa location had left home early in the morning, and gone to work at a construction site. The construction site is not very far from his house.

Unfortunately, the owner of the building under construction had not purchased cement and other materials that had run out the previous day. Thus, had asked the mason and his colleagues to return home and continue with work the following day.

The mason went back home and found the door partially closed.

On walking in, the mason was shocked to hear some “funny” noises of adults “entertaining” themselves, emanating from his bedroom.

The mason was shocked and could not believe what was happening. He tip-toed in and what met his eyes was something he was not prepared for.

He saw his younger brother engaged in an act of intimacy with his wife.

“The two lovebirds did not hear me walk in since they were totally immersed in their romantic bliss. I stood there in a trance not really believing that the two had decided to betray my trust in them,” says the mason.

“After I recovered, I picked my chebunyo (club) and hit my brother very hard in the back,” he says.

The mason says, the two disentangled and took off half n*ked.


“The young man ran towards his home which is across the ridge while my wife fled to her parent’s home which is less than two kilometres from my house,” he narrates.

The man followed his wife to her home and stormed into her mother’s house, searching every corner of the house including beneath beds in vain.

That it is taboo for a man to carry out a search in his in-laws’ house, especially in the bedrooms, did not stop him.

The news spread across the village and the man, out of embarrassment sent word to his wife, asking her never to return.

It emerged that she was not being satisfied by her man, and she had been having a secret relationship with her brother-in-law. By the time we went to press, the woman had not returned to her husband.


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