I regret bringing Buhari to politics, he has destroyed Nigeria, we are now in a mess

I regret bringing Buhari to politics, he has destroyed Nigeria, we are now in a mess  ••


Senator Kanti Bello is a former Senate Majority Whip, who represented Katsina North Senatorial District on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) before joining the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), one of the legacy parties that formed the APC.

In an interview with Sunday Tribune, Kanti Bello, has said that Nigerians are disappointed with the present government.

He also noted that the why many Nigerians are saying that the Goodluck Jonathan government was better than Buhari’s is due to the sufferings the masses have been facing since its inception.


According to him, people were not facing the kind of hunger that is now in the country before Muhammadu Buhari came to power, regretting that he supported him during the election campaigns.


Speaking further, Bello who was one of those who projected Buhari, said, “That’s the truth. We are afraid to come out and that’s why some of us don’t even speak, we worked hard and we believed in what we were doing, we thought things would be better, but incompetent people are put in charge and of course some people are behind the scene controlling Buhari.”




*What is your take on agitations for the restructuring of the country? Certain groups like IPOB and MASSOB are actually demanding for its outright balkanisation.*


Let us be honest with ourselves, we have seen it in Southern Sudan now which is a new country. Are they better off? The truth is that, they aren’t. Why people are agitating for restructuring is simple: if you are hungry and you aren’t sure of the future of your children, then you start calling for restructuring. You have to look for an alternative. So, they think the country will be better, if restructured. That’s their thinking. I have no grudge against that but I believe it is wrong.


Some of us thought once we had Buhari, this talk won’t happen again. But unfortunately, it has remained with us, because people aren’t happy and we need somebody who is going to help the economy to be better. It isn’t impossible. We need somebody who is a detribalised Nigerian. Maybe it is difficult to get but we will, with a lot of hard work, efforts that can heal the wounds, so that after 2019, nobody will be thinking about restructuring again. That’s what we need


*Any regrets inviting Buhari to politics?*


I really regret it now, because I thought it is going to be better than what we are having now. That’s why I couldn’t speak for two years, because you cannot bring somebody and say he is the best, work hard for him and after one year you say he isn’t good. Is it fair? But after two years and looking at it, I can talk. I hope he gets well, come back and finish his two years. Whichever way, I don’t see much out of it anyway, because the first two years have been wasted, nothing to show for it. My regret is what I would tell the ordinary people I convinced to vote for Buhari.


*What if he says, he is seeking a fresh mandate in 2019?*


Let him come back and be well. We pray for him to come back in good health. He has every right to seek for our mandate, but some of us also have a right to look for who will give Nigerians the best.


*What if he reaches out to you and assures you that he would make amends? Will you support him in 2019?*


That’s too theoretical. I don’t want to answer that question, it is too theoretical. The truth of the matter is that, we are now in a mess. You don’t seem to understand how difficult it is for the masses. Is it because you live in Abuja? Look, I know what people are passing through in my village, this fasting period. People cannot eat. Now, you want me to go and tell people to forget what happened in the last two years; that it is going to be better. No, I am going to tell my people to look for an alternative, what will help your kids to go to school and be able to live a better life. The middle class is now wiped out. This country is in a hole, deep hole.


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