Lady Narrates What Happened Between She And A Live Snake, Then This Happened [Photo]

Lady Narrates What Happened Between She And A Live Snake, Then This Happened [Photo] ••

A lady is filled with thanks to God after her horrifying encounter with a snake while returning from work with her husband in his car.

The woman whose baby was in the back seat – revealed that when she wanted to come out from the vehicle, she saw a big black snake waiting for her on the ground.

Out of her instinct, the lady quickly closed the door just when the snake wanted to enter the vehicle as she smashed the reptile to death….

Read her words below;

On that faithful evening, le boo came to carry me from my place of work, it was few minutes past 5pm. I sat at the front seat just beside him, while my baby was sleeping peacefully at the back. We gisted on our way, laughed, chop suya based on logistics all the way. Eventually we drive reach house, make I open door come down from motor. Na long hissing I hear, I decide to take another look before dropping my leg which was by this time suspended on air. My sisters lo and behold na big black snake I see, set and ready to attack.

The way I take draw my leg put back inside motor na only God fit explain am. Omo! My head was spinning fast as I quickly drag the handle of the motor make I close the door, the snake see me o, e know wetin I wan do o, na so e raise body spear come meet me inside motor. But my God who is faster than the fastest snake helped me lock the door just before it could enter the car.

I was shouting and telling hubby to drive back that there is a snake and the snake spear towards me inside the car but my hubby who takes everything as a joke thought I was joking, he started laughing and saying if snake hears sounds it runs away not to talk of a car whose noise is louder than that of a human and that even if it does not run that snake does not pursue someone inside car that what did I do wrong that snake would spear to come and meet me. Eventually he turned around to my direction to see if there was anything there and then he screamed.

“Baby it’s there o, don’t open your door o” come see me inside the motor, I Donn jump go back seat, carry my baby pass my husband side fly commot for the motor. Little did I know that the devil had already been defeated. When the snake speared to me inside the car, it succeeded in entering with its ugly head but when I locked the door I also succeeded in closing its head in between.

So it’s head was inside with its mouth wide opened ready to bite while it’s body was outside. God had killed it for me. Everyday I still celebrate my God who did this miracle for me……..


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