How Crocodile returned body of a man after being summoned by native doctor 

How Crocodile returned body of a man after being summoned by native doctor ••

A crocodile has shocked villagers when it returned the body of a 42-year-old identified as Syarifuddin it killed days earlier to the river bank, after being summoned by a native doctor, in Berau, Indonesia.
According to Daily mail UK, the crocodile grabbed the victim while he was bathing with his friends days before, then took him away.
The incident happened on Tuesday, at about 6:20 p.m. when the animal pounced and dragged the 42-year-old man beneath the water.
Friends and relatives searched for man’s body but could not find it until they sort the help of a native doctor when police also failed.
The native doctor, who specializes in “crocodile witch craft,” cast a spell for the man to be returned. Soon after, the body of the victim emerged as villagers looked on.
In the video, the reptile is seen floating to the banks with the naked body of Syarifuddin in its jaws as the gathered crowd looks on in shock. It then dropped off the corpse.
Syarifuddin was found dead and had injuries to his ribs on the right side of his body.
Andi Resmin who was with Syarifuddin when he was captured by the predator told the newspaper, “He was just in the water and the crocodile humped at him and took him.”
One of the village leaders, Eet, pointed out that there is a local myth that anyone bathing with clothes on in the river would be fine – but bathing naked would result in a crocodile attack.
He said, “If the person bathes naked, they will be definitely be eaten by crocodiles, for sure. If they wear clothes they will not be ambushed.”
Police chief Inspector, Talisayan Faisal Hamid confirmed the incident and said “investigations are being carried out.”


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