Can you spot which of these food item is an artwork? {WITH PICTURES}

Can you spot which of these food item is an artwork? {WITH PICTURES} ••
Japanese artist amazes us with his incredibly realistic food carvings like chocolate bar, green peppers, toast and lots more out of tiny pieces of wood.


Tempted to think these are actual food, right? Well, I thought they were as well.

Thanks to this Japanese artist, Seiji Kawasaki, who carves incredibly realistic food items out of tiny pieces of wood, ranging from chocolate bars to peppers, bread slices, fishes and dried minnows that double as chopstick holders, bringing the thought of food to mind at the sight of his artworks.

Kawasaki’s pepper art (Instagram)

Everyone loves food or at least, we all appreciate food and there is definitely no better way to appreciating it than creating an art for it. Although some turn food into art, others on the other hand turn art into food (maybe not edible food as in the case of Kawasaki).

Okro art (Instagram)

Kawasaki meticulously carves and paints his works in such a way that they have a striking resemblance with the original food items and by just looking at the photos, you can’t even tell that they’re all wood.

Chocolate bar food art by Kawasaki (Instagram)

Using the real foods as models, he makes his carvings as realistic as possible, leaving a part of the original wood block to show that it an artwork, not an edible substance.

So, even though they look like the real food, you can tell which item isn’t real by flipping it over and of course by lifting it because they are definitely harder than the original food item.

Boiled green soybean food art by Kawasaki (Instagram)

Well, for those of us merely looking at the pictures, how can we tell? A closer look at the colours in comparison with the real food item shows the difference. Asides from that, good job kawasaki.


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