How to make soya milk powder for babies? {PHOTOS\VIDEO}

How to make soya milk powder for babies? {PHOTOS\VIDEO} ••

How to make soya milk powder for babies?
Benefits of soya milk are enormous! That`s why you should prepare soya milk for your baby! How to make soya milk powder at home? will show you how to do that! Continue reading to find out more!

How to make Soya Milk at home?

When you prepare food for your child, you need to make sure that it has enough healthy nutrients. Do not forget that you are responsible for building a strong health foundation at the beginning of your child’s life.

To achieve this, you need to know how to make soya milk powder for babies. Soya milk will keep the immune system of your baby strong and healthy! Let`s take a look at the ingredients for Soya Milk!

Ingredients of Soya Milk powder for babies

– Groundnuts (one cup);

– Unripe plantain (two);

– Soybeans (five cups);

– Cashew or crayfish (optional).

Soya Milk Recipe

Soya Milk Recipe– Select the soybeans and remove dirt and stones;

– Wash them and allow to dry;

– Peel the unripe plantain, then cut it into the flat chips and sun-dry. You can dry them in dry pot over fire;

– Take your soybeans and place them over a dry pot to fry. You need to fry it until the skin can be easily peeled off. The beans will be brown and crispy when they are done. They look just like fried groundnuts.

– Take them to the mill for grinding. At the mill, you will remove the skin. Mix soybeans, groundnuts, plantain and cashew/crayfish (optional) to grind them together into the powder!

– That`s all! The Soya milk powder for babies is ready for use!

– Store the soya bean powder in an air-tight container!

But remember!

Soya powder can only be used for two weeks! You can add fresh water to make soya milk. It`s another perfect dish for babies, but you can also use it for desserts or smoothies. It will increase the number of proteins in any meal. Moreover, you can use soya powder in a warm bath to soften your skin.

Nota beneOne more thing, do not forget that Soya milk shouldn`t be the only food you give to your child. Unfortunately, Only Soya Milk can`t provide the whole range of nutrients needed for your baby.

Benefits of Soya Milk

Soya Milk RecipeIt can be a common alternative to cow`s milk. It`s chosen for a variety of reasons. It can be a perfect choice just for you if you are a vegetarian. People who are allergic to cow`s milk can also add soya milk to their daily diet. People who have problems with digesting lactose products can use soya milk as an alternative. Soya Milk is very easy to digest, that`s why it`s good for babies.

soya milk powderAnother benefit of soya milk is the variety of flavors. If your baby does not like the taste of cow`s milk, then you can add some more ingredients to change the flavor. According to, about 14 percent of children are allergic to cow`s milk. So, you will need to check with your doctors before you give any cow`s milk to your children. also informs that one of the main problems of cow`s milk for children is the cow milk proteins. They can lead to diarrhea (including bloody diarrhea), indigestion and colic. Therefore, soya milk is a healthy alternative to cow`s milk. Also, if your child has a condition known as galactosemia (inability to digest any kind of animal milk), then Soya Milk can be a safe option.
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