​7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver {WITH PICTURES}

7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver


7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver


7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

Excess sugar isn’t just bad for your teeth, it causes harm to your liver too. Too much refined sugar excess to calorie requirements causes a fatty build-up that leads to liver disease. Some studies show that sugar can be as damaging to the liver as alcohol, even though you are not overweight. This is one more reason to limit foods with added sugars, like fizzy drinks, pastries and sweets.

Excess vitamin A

7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

Vitamin A (retinol) can be stored in body fat and in liver. Animal liver is a rich source of vitamin A due to enriched animal feeds. Other dietary sources include fish oils and eggs. Yes, vitamin A is necessary for a healthy immune system and for eye function, too much vitamin A is toxic to the liver, leading to liver damage. Limit your intake of liver to once or twice a week maximum, and avoid liver and liver products when pregnant. If you take fish oil supplements, don’t take more than the manufacturers recommended dose.

We have the plant version of vitamin A, called beta-carotene, it does not harm your liver unless you drink to excess.

Unsterile tattoos

7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

When you get a tattoo or body piercing in a licensed, clean shop that sterilises its equipment after each customer, the chances you’ll get a serious infection like hepatitis B or C are low. But if tools aren’t properly cleaned, your risk of hepatitis B and C increases. The virus spreads through contact with the blood of an infected person and causes serious, sometimes lifelong liver disease. Check out the shop and its safety record before you get inked.


7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

If you’re carrying around extra weight, fat can also build-up in your liver cells, which can lead to NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). It can make the liver swell. Over time, hardened scar tissue can replace healthy tissue, leading to a condition called cirrhosis. People who are overweight or obese, middle aged, or have diabetes are at highest risk of NAFLD. Eating well and exercise can sometimes reverse the disease before it progresses to cirrhosis, which is usually not reversible.

Soft drinks

7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

Scientists studied the diets of a group of people with NAFLD, taking into account their weight, the amount of fat in their blood and if they had diabetes, which may increase risk of fatty liver. One thing stood out: 80% of those with fatty liver drank 2 or more soft drinks a day. Sugar-sweetened beverages, that contributed the most to overall dietary sugar intake, seem to increase the risk of fatty liver in high carbohydrate diets.


7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

Some medications, especially paracetamol, can harm your liver, even if you take them for only a few days. In some cases, the damage can be deadly. Older people, or anyone taking more than one medication, are at higher risk because their liver may be damaged already. If you’re taking medication, talk with your doctor to make sure you know the signs of possible liver damage to look out for, and what action to take if you’re concerned.

Trans fats

7 Surprising Things That Damages The Liver

Trans fats are formed during the ‘hardening’ (called hydrogenation) of vegetable oils to make margarines and hardened fats used in food production. Trans fat intake is linked with insulin resistance, obesity, raised blood cholesterol and heart disease. Animal studies show liver damage after 4 months of a high trans fat diet. Trans fats are not often listed on food labels, but are present if the food contains ‘partially hydrogenated vegetable oil’ or ‘vegetable shortening’. A diet high in trans fats increases your chances of gaining weight and liver damage. The good news is that according to the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey, we eat on average around half the safe level of trans fats (which is 2% of total calories, or 4g of trans fats a day), due to food manufacturers adjusting their recipes.


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