Drama as Pregnant Woman Catches Husband Cheating…You Won’t Believe What She Found On His Phone

Drama as Pregnant Woman Catches Husband Cheating…You Won’t Believe What She Found On His Phone ••


A pregnant woman is going through a terrible time after making a shocking discovery about her husband’s cheating ways.

A 26-year-old wife who is about to become a mother, took to Reddit to ask for advice immediately after discovering her 32-year-old husband was cheating on her.

According to Daily Star UK, the woman, who had been with her lover for five years but married for one and half, said she never once doubted his fidelity and thought her man was loyal.

But after accidentally mixing up their phones, she unexpectedly opened an explicit Snapchat from a woman named “Roxy” and came face-to-face with her lover’s v*gina.

To add insult to injury, the scorned woman revealed she was 12 weeks pregnant.

At a loss for how to handle the situation, she sought guidance from Redditors on how to confront her lying spouse.

She said: “This morning, my husband was in the shower and left his phone on my nightstand.

“I was half-asleep when his phone started chirping and woke me up. Despite his black phone case (mine is green), I didn’t even notice and I looked at who had texted

“It said ‘Mom’. Okay, my mom texted me, I can ignore that until I’m actually awake. But under that was a Snapchat notification.

“A snap from someone named ‘Roxy’. I was like who the f is Roxy and why is she snap chatting me?

“I opened it and bam – it’s a picture of a p****. And not the meowing kind with four legs and a tail.”

She continued: “I immediately thought it was a mistake. But I was alert now after being awoken by a vulva. I pretty quickly realised that this was my husband’s phone. I felt like I was going to crap the bed and started to sweat.

“I looked at his contacts on snapchat and she has a yellow heart next to her name. I looked up wtf that means and it means they are “best friends”.

“I feel like I’m going to be sick. I didn’t do any other snooping because honestly, I know what I’ll find. I just don’t understand how he could do this. We’re happy. I thought we were happy. We have sex at least four times a week.

“Here’s the real kicker, Reddit. I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant with our first child.”

The betrayed woman added: “He’s sitting in the recliner about 20ft from me and I just can’t find the words to confront him.

“How do I say what I need to say? There is no way I am somehow overreacting or misreading this situation, is there? I’m heartbroken and don’t know what to do.”

While still contemplating her next move, the young lady went to her sister who did some social media stalking and discovered that “Roxy” was a secretary at her husband’s friend’s law firm.

Redditors were quick to respond with their opinions on how the pregnant woman should deal with her unfaithful husband.

One said: “I would just turn to him and say: ‘So Roxy has an interesting looking p****.’ Just watch his face.”

Another added: “Or say you were thinking of naming your kid Roxy.”

Someone wrote: “I will never know how you restrained yourself and didn’t just chuck the phone at his head. Kudos.”

The poster revealed what happened when she calmly confronted her husband by asking him to explain “who Roxy is and why she is his ‘best friend’ on Snapchat”.

She said: “His face gave him away immediately but he still tried to lie to me at first.

“Then it all came out. They screwed in the backseat of her car the first night they met. It’s been an ongoing affair for months.

“I will be proceeding with a divorce and will keep our baby. I’m numb but calm and feeling good about my decisions and how I handled the situation.

“I know there is a long road ahead of me and this will all probably really hit me soon. When it does, I’ll mourn and grieve the end of what I had thought was a happy union.

“Right now I’m in self-preservation mode and much more focused on how to come out of this in the best position possible. Thank you so much for all the advice and support, Reddit.”


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