Read The Story Of Nigerian Lady Who Is About To Marry A Man 3 Years After Her Friend Dreamed About It {WITH PICTURES}

Read The Story Of Nigerian Lady Who Is About To Marry A Man 3 Years After Her Friend Dreamed About It {WITH PICTURES} ••

A Nigerian bride-to-be Faith Ohanu is set to wed her man, Dr. Oluwaseun Akinduro, a Neurosurgeon, on August 26 , 2017.

She took to Instagram yesterday night to write about how God used someone to reveal the man who will be her husband.

According to the chats, three years ago (2014) her friend narrated a dream she had in which a man named Oluwaseun proposed to her. At that time she was single and the only Oluwaseun she knew was an associate whom she hadn’t spoken to in three months. They weren’t even friend and the ‘dreamer’ didn’t even know him.

Her post below:

“Ahh.. Sunday, November 16, 2014. Truly a day that for the rest of my life I can’t & will never forget. With officially 30 days until ‘I do’, I think it’s appropriate to now share one of my most precious blessings & sing praises to my glorious Heavenly Father for the incredible things he has done. On November 16, 2014, through one of his daughters, God revealed to me who my husband would be.??????? ???????????????

The beauty of this & why I still stand in complete awe of God, is that 1. This individual knew absolutely nothing of my relationship status (I was single.. super SINGLE lol), nor did she know him. 2. His name isn’t John or Tim, it’s Oluwaseun which she spelled correctly, 3. Although I knew who he was, we were just associates, not even friends. At the time I received this prophecy, we hadn’t spoken in 3 months.??????? ???????????????????????????????????
Fast forward to 3 years later, & 30 days before ‘I do’… God remained true to His promise. I now realize that God was showing me the end in the beginning. 1 Peter 1:6 rings true of our journey “So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while.” ???????

It was only the beginning of 2017 (after dating, the engagement, & now planning our wedding), is when I finally told Seun of the revelation. I’ve known for years that Seun would be my husband. However, he needed to first find his faith (God), before he found his faith (me), to really grasp the things of the spirit… andddd to not think I was crazy LOL! #OluFoundHisFaith is more than just a catchy hashtag. It’s God fulfilling His promises that He gave to us thousands of years ago on the cross through the blood of Jesus Christ. How blessed are we ? #30MoreDays #JesusAtTheCenter #OluFoundHisFaith #AnnouncingTheAkinduros #PinkyAndTheBrain #TrinityApproved #WhenJesusSaysYes #Psalm127v1


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