20 Things People Who Love Food Can Understand {With Funny Pictures}

20 Things People Who Love Food Can Understand {With Funny Pictures} ••

Food is life!

Every food lover knows that food is absolutely amazing. If you’re a food lover, here are some things you’d definitely relate to.

1. Once you see food your become really excited

Too Excited gif

Image: Giphy

2. You spend time thinking about the next meal you’re going to eat

3. Eating is your favourite thing to do

4. And you probably use all your money to buy food

broke gif

Image: Giphy

5. You’re constantly snacking

6. And watching recipe videos on YouTube

Photo: HuffingtonPost

7. You love reading food blogs

Image Michael Poehlman/Corbis

8. This is how you look at people when they tell you it’s unhealthy to eat so much

9. Eating is your favourite recreational activity

Image: ReplyGIF

10. You’re always sad at the end of every meal

Image: giphy.com

11. A buffet is like heaven on earth


12. You’ve probably considered becoming a professional eater


Image: GossipMill

13. You’re always hungry, even after eating


14. Your social life shamelessly revolves around where you’re going to eat, what you’re going to eat, and who you’re going to eat with

African Man Overeating

Image: WYDLBLACK/Twitter

15. You’re constantly trying out new restaurants and different meals

Caramel restaurant

Image: eatout

16. Everyone knows the way to your heart is food

17. You may have been called a glutton in the past

18. And you’ve probably failed at a thousand diets

19. This is you when someone asks to share your food:

20. You know eating a lot is bad for you, but it’s just so delicious that you keep eating anyway

Image result for eat gif


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