How to cut a blouse for sewing? {With Explanatory Photos & Video}

How to cut a blouse for sewing? {With Explanatory Photos & Video} ••

Blouse design

A lot of women like sewing. It is much easier to sew your own clothes than to spend big money on having someone do it for you. Besides, this way, you can always something suitable. Today we will learn how to cut a blouse. An easy guide has been prepared for you!

How to cut blouse easily

How to cut a blouseWe all come to the decision to learn how to sew differently. Perhaps you were given a sewing machine, and it’s just a pity that such a useful device is gathering dust in the corner. Or you have a little daughter who wants to dress up beautifully. And, maybe, you are disappointed with what is being offered in clothing stores and do not want to spend more time aimlessly shopping? After all, it’s so rare to find that one thing that will please you in every way!

The solution for all these situations is simple – you just need to start sewing clothes yourself! And it will be the right style, the right length, the right size and the right color!

SewingFor cutting and sewing a blouse top you will need to know:

1. The length of shoulder.

2. Bust measurement.

3. Under the chest.

4. Over the chest.

5. The distance between the busts

6. The distance from the shoulder to the bust

7. The distance from the back’s top point to the lowest point.

8. Ready-made product length.

9. The length of material

10. Waist size

Nigerian womanTo cut the blouse you need fold the cloth four times with the center in the upper left corner. Then mark the line where you will make the bottom cut. Measure the radius, draw a circle and then measure the required length of the Basques.

Then you cut out the Basque with some additional fabric for the seams. Cut along the line A of the center itself. You need to press it with an iron from the inside. Make a decorative wide zigzag stitch and lightly stretch the fabric. Then carefully remove the fabric you won’t need. And do the same thing with the front side of the fabric.

Step 1Now, let’s learn how to cut a blouse top. Create your layout on a sheet of paper with all the inscriptions. Attach the details that you cut from the paper template to your fabric. Fold the front once and back twice. Then you fill the neck with one fold and fold just behind the neck. Attach the paper templates to the fabric.

Step 2Fold the fabric in half and the front side inward. Then place the paper A, B, C and D on the fabric with pieces A, C, and D on the fold. Parts B and C (indicated by dashed lines) should be overlaid on the fabric with the inscriptions down, you can make use of pins. Use the chalk to add an extra 1.5 cm for the seams and cuts. Cut out all the details.

Step 3

Fold the rear parts from the front and secure the parts in the center. Trim the details and iron in one direction.

Step 4The front parts should be folded along the middle face to face. You must secure the llines with a pin; align from the side cut to the center of the work piece. Then secure the beginning of the line. Gently press the stand.

Step 5Now, attach the panels from the front to the front of the shoulder parts. Trim the parts. Then press on the the seams with the iron. Join the lines that hook the shoulder parts. Trim the parts.Then uncover an extra fabric at the seams. Process the inner edge.

Step 6

Now, perforate the neck opening on the top panel on the front side which connects the shoulder seams. Secure the neck pieces and gently adjust the details. Cut off excess fabric next to the stitch in the adjacent areas. Sew the gorge close to the seam. Turn the gorge inside out and iron. Leave 3.5 cm from the front of the neck.

Step 7At this stage, remove the measurements of the armholes pieces. Leave an extra 1 cm. Fold each edge of the armhole along the inner side and press. Next, fold the welt twice and fix it to the armhole part with a pin that fits the edge of the extra cloth. Then stitch from the inside of your blouse along the line of armholes. Remove the extra material. Next, remove the extra fabric next to the seam making clips around. Turn the fabric inside out. Then iron the armhole.

Step 8Attach the front sides of the back and front panel and secure the edges with a pin. Trim the parts and iron the stitches. Take the needle and sew the upper edges of the seam over the edge of the armhole. Sew the Basque into the top. Fix the Basque by fixing a pin to the bottom of the top front-to-front. Trim the areas.

Step 9We think this guide has helped you a lot. It should give you an idea for creating your own stunning clothes. Just follow the steps!

How to cut a flared blouse

FRlared blouseA flared blouse is very stylish and comfortable. It is very popular in Nigeria these days. It is important to shorten and spread the template so it can be evenly created. If you just make the edge wider you may not have the style you want.

Now you know how easily you can draft the front of the top. First, draw a line from the point of the bust towards the edge. Cut along this line. Close the bust and open it at the edge. Re-pull the edge by creating a gentle curve from the dart to the side seam.

Cutting swing topAt this stage, there should be a horizontal grain line under the armhole on the back of the blouse block. Now, draw one line from this grain line to the edge in the center of the back. Then cut along the line and then along the horizontal line to the side seam.

Flared top backNow, flare the side stitch to match the flare on the front template. It will pull the piece down but it is okay. Again draw the edge line with a curve. Your final draft should look something like the one on the right. The width of the upper part may not be the same in front and back, but the angle and length of the side seam must match!

Flared top finalNow, cut out the neckline/collar and sleeves as you like. The sketch at the top of the page has an ordinary wide neckline and a main blouse sleeve. Remember to finish your template with seam allowances. It is up to you what blouse design to choose.

How to sew a blouse

Since you already know how to cut blouse, you are ready to sew it! And now we will try to make a real beauty which is in trend now! It will be the end of our work. We will sew the peplum blouse.

But you should remember to sew the blouse together from the inside. This will make seams not so noticeable. You need to do everything in this order:

1. Sew your blouse together front and back. Hem the blouse’s neckline.

Sewing a blouse2. Sew the different parts of the sleeve together, and then sew the sleeves into the blouse. Edge the ends of the sleeves.

3. Sew the peplum to the bottom of your blouse. Then edge the peplum’s bottom. That is all. You can see and evaluate the result of your work. We’re sure that the blouse turned out great!

You don’t necessarily have to have an innate talents to do some things and clothes sewing is one of them. If you have a deep desire to make yourself a decent blouse, then all you need are materials, a sewing machine, and perseverance!


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