Lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital {WITH PICTURES}

Lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital {WITH PICTURES} ••

Nigeria can become a land of opportunities for people who really want to start a business here! If you don`t have much money – you can still become a businessman. What are the most interesting lucrative business ideas in Nigeria? Check our Top 10 latest lucrative business ideas in Nigeria!

Top 10 most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria

Top 10 most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria

1. Farming

1. Farming

If you have at least one piece of land where you can grow something – you are rich. Don`t you know that agriculture is the second biggest sector in Nigeria after oil? You have a large variety of options when you have your own land for farming! Just look at these options:

  • Cassava Production;
  • Poultry Farming;
  • Rice Farming;
  • Snail Rearing;
  • Fish Farming.

This is only a tip of an iceberg! You can do much more when you have your own land. If you use the land correctly, then you do not need oil to become super rich in Nigeria!

2. Furniture Selling

2. Furniture Selling

For this type of lucrative business in Nigeria 2017, you will just need carpenters. Try to sell local furniture via the internet, and you will see how quickly you can earn big sums of money! You can try to rent a place to store and show the furniture.

You can also just choose to sell the furniture via the Internet. So, it`s quite possible to sell the furniture, not just to the locals but also to people all around the world! You just need to start, and you will see how it can be profitable for you!

3. Pure Water

3. Lucrative Business in Nigeria 2017 – Water Purification

This business may be very expensive at the beginning, but it can provide huge benefits at the end. Unfortunately, some regions of Nigeria do not have clean water. For some people, it can be a great disadvantage, but for others, it can be a huge business opportunity..

You can start small by providing pure water to the offices and houses near you. In the end, you will be able to create a massive water empire!

4. Fast-Food business

4. Fast-Food business

Nigerians love food. Majority of Nigerian families can spend up to the half of their monthly budget on food. You can try to open your own small fast food business. It`s simple as long as you can find a good location.

If you can’t get enough clients – you can`t stay in business for long. Fast Food is arguably the best lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital. You just need to find a nice place where you can sell your food, and that`s all you need to stay in business!

5. Dry Cleaning service

5. Dry Cleaning service – best lucrative business in Nigeria?

Is it the best lucrative business in Nigeria? You won`t believe it, but good dry cleaners are scarce in Nigeria! Therefore, it can be your goldmine! You just need to buy a few special equipments, and you can even start dry cleaning from your home!

You first customers can be your neighbors! Your main problem at the beginning will be adequate water supply and electricity. If you manage to deal with these problems, then you are almost there. As it was mentioned before, good dry cleaners in Nigeria are rare!

6. Day Care Center

6. Lucrative Small Scale Business Ideas – Day Care Center

It is one of the most pleasant lucrative small scale business ideas Do you like kids? Do you know that a lot of Nigerian parents prefer to place their young kids in home based day care centers? Parents want to create the most comfortable conditions for their children.

Home based daycare centers can easily provide these conditions. Your first clients can be kids of your neighbors. This kind of business is the best for a stay-at-home wife and mother. As long as you’re creative, you can stay in business.

7. Wedding Planner

7. Wedding Planner

You don`t need a lot of money to start this business. What you need is creativity. Also, you need to know a lot of people, places and vendors. Do not forget that a wedding ceremony happens once for most people. Therefore, it`s your job to create this magical dream for future husbands and wives.

For a start, you will need to create just one dream-wedding, and that`s all. After that, you will start receiving a lot of propositions to create wedding dreams for other people!

8. Car Wash

8. Car Wash – most lucrative business idea

If you have enough money to rent a place somewhere at the strategic point. It can become your starting point to great business opportunities! Car wash business is one of the easiest one to open and operate.

You may start with something simple until you get professional equipment for car washing. Still, you will need to build good relationships with clients. Loyal clients can become your key to success in this business.

9. Fruit Juice Business

9. Fruit Juice Business

It`s another business that does not require huge capital but can provide real business opportunities. You do not need to have much knowledge about this business to start it! Just try to mix several types of fruits, create interesting juice variations and sell them to people! You will also need to pinpoint your spot to sell these juices to people!

10. Shop

10. Shop

If you think that everything is digitalized and you can’t make great profit just from selling something from a regular store – you are wrong. People in Nigeria are accustomed to buying things from small local stores. It helps to keep small business owners in the market. You can also choose a specialization for your shop! For instance, you can sell only fruits, meat, fish or clothes. Everything is up to you!

Lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital – conclusion

Lucrative business in Nigeria with small capital is really possible. Nigeria can be a land of opportunities for people who seek these possibilities. You can`t earn huge sums of money if you don`t work hard enough. Therefore, you just need to start your business and work hard to make some profit. There is no magic trick in this simple scheme! Just start your business, work hard and earn money from it!


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