The Best Of Guinness World Records 2018

The Best Of Guinness World Records 2018Not only giant and ultra-gentle men is made Guinness World Records. The publication, edited annually, has room for all kinds of feats, such as a woman’s longer legs and the cat with the gravy more loga. It is clear that most of the strange records are beaten by people responsible for very specific feats.

The longest legs (women)

The big dog

The cat with the longest tail

The fastest dog to jump through 10 rings

The biggest feline

The most buried rabbit

The length of lashes longer

Fade updo high-top

The fastest in the slingshot

The biggest ball of stickers

First prosthesis in the world in the form of a tattoo machine

Swallow 416 g of mustard from the tube for 30 seconds

Eat 893 grams per minute of mashed potatoes

Eat 252 grams per minute Marmite edible spread.

Catch 32 tennis balls with a blindfold for a moment

The biggest Batmobile sculpture of LEGO

Biggest collection of snow globes

The Association for the Training of Guide Dogs for the Blind received the certificate for the largest number of trained guide dogs

The largest ball of adhesive tape

Knock out the whip blocks Jenga

Bowl of the largest number of layers of paint (about 17,994), leaning on a baseball

This is the most popular “you tube” channel (born after 2000)

The largest collection of teddy bears

Record on inflated balloon

The largest collection of keepsakes with Batman

The largest collection of souvenirs and toys with the characters of “X-Men”

First time in the history of the antenna implanted in the back of the skull in 2004


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